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Scientifically Maximizing Production





Rubisco research and consulting is spearheading the move towards data driven conclusions. At every site Rubisco is a part of, there is a team of dedicated scientists pulling mountains of data to generate new scientific standards that are lacking in the Cannabis industry.


Rubisco uses hard science to aid its customers in optimizing their operations and greatly improving their efficiency. Our goal is to greatly increase yield while simultaneously decrease expenses. Our methods are scientifically sound creating a new standard for the industry.


With the data collected every step of the way, Rubisco research and consulting is creating models for use in predicting once unpredictable variables such as: yield potential, environmental loss potential, risk potential, etc.


Science Driven Advice

In order to become and maintain a successful company as market prices fluctuate, companies must understand that making decisions towards efficiency means increasing product potency, appearance, smell, yield, etc. Turning to science and data driven results is the only consistent way of doing so.



Rubisco consults with both Hemp and Marijuana operations consistently aiding in increasing yield and maximize efficiency. Using state of the art techniques, developed by months of scientific research, we are setting the standard in best practices. Whether large scale, boutique, indoor or outdoor our data driven advice converts to profits.



Rubisco is conducting research all over the world to establish itself as the thought leader in understanding the scientific processes of all varieties of Cannabis. We are publishing peer reviewed papers in well known scientific journals and sharing our findings with all to see. If you are interested in co-author ships please contact us.


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